Irish Theme Slots

October 19, 2020

March 17 is the national holiday of Ireland, this day all Irish people celebrate Saint Patrick's Day, which also is celebrated worldwide and unites people of Great Britain, Canada, Australia, USA and other countries.

First of all, Saint Patrick's Day is a religious holiday of Ireland, but for the majority of people outside of Ireland the St.Patrick's Day is a colorful parade. The week around of Saint Patrick's Day is a festival devoted to culture and traditions of Ireland.

St.Patrick was one of the missionaries who has spread the Christian faith to the pre-Christian Irish. According to legend, St.Patrick used three-leaf clover to explain the Holy Trinity. Three-leaf clover is named as a shamrock and it is an Irish Christian symbol as well as a main symbol of Ireland. You can see the shamrock everywhere during the parades of St.Patrick's Day.

Usually, a clover leaf has three leaflets. Relative rarity is a clover leaf with four leaflets. People think that each leaflet of clover represents one of feelings: faith, hope and love. The fourth leaflet of clover represents luck and If you accidentally find a four-leaf clover, it means clover will bring you a good luck!

Saint Patrick's Day is associated also with some heroes of the Irish mythology and folklore. One of them is Leprechaun, a fairy folk which inhabited Ireland before arrival of the Celts. According to Irish folk tale, the Leprechauns are extremely wealthy and hide pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Also Leprechauns have a power of magic to play tricks on people. The four-leaf clover cancels the Leprechaun's magic and you may find gold.

You can celebrate St.Patrick's Day playing at online casinos. Irish slots gives you a chance to find the 4-leaf clover on classic slots and cancel the Leprechaun's trickery. You can also follow the rainbow on bonus slots or get a pot of gold on classic slot machines. Finally, you can spin the Irish symbols on the reels of progressive slots if you are looking for bigger prizes!

So let's choose online slots with Irish theme to St.Patrick's Day.

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Lucky Mushrooms Deluxe

  • Soft: StakeLogic
  • Reels / Lines: 5 Reel / 10 Line
  • Type: Free Spins
  • MinBet / MaxBet : $0 - $0
Lucky Mushrooms Deluxe Review

9 Pots of Gold Microgaming Slot Info

9 Pots of Gold

  • Soft: Microgaming
  • Reels / Lines: 5 Reel / 20 Line
  • Type: Free Spins, Wheel of Fortune
  • MinBet / MaxBet : $0 - $0
9 Pots of Gold Review

Leprechaun's Magic Red Tiger Gaming Slot Info, Wheel

Leprechaun's Magic

  • Soft: Red Tiger Gaming
  • Reels / Lines: 5 Reel / 10 Line
  • Type: Wheel of Fortune
  • MinBet / MaxBet : $0 - $0
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Rainbow Jackpots Power Lines Red Tiger Gaming Slot Info

Rainbow Jackpots Power Lines

  • Soft: Red Tiger Gaming
  • Reels / Lines: 6 Reel / 4 Line, 49 Line
  • Type:
  • MinBet / MaxBet : $0 - $0
Rainbow Jackpots Power Lines Review

Stumpy McDOOdles Microgaming Slot Info

Stumpy McDOOdles

  • Soft: Microgaming
  • Reels / Lines: 5 Reel / 20 Line
  • Type: Free Spins, Progressive Multiplier, Re-Spin
  • MinBet / MaxBet : $0 - $0
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