'Scratch and Match' Style Game

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

'Scratch and Match' style game is based on lottery game where a card has area with 15 spaces with hidden symbols.

How to play on Scratch and Match? Just select and scratch (click!) spaces to reveal the items. Three matching symbols win a prize.

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'Scratch and Match' Bonuses Features at Microgaming Casinos

'Scratch and Match' Style Game on the Sneak a Peek Doctor Doctor Slot

Play 'Scratch and Match' bonus feature on Sneak a Peek Doctor Doctor Slot at the Blackjack Ballroom

The 'Sneak a Peek' symbol on reel 1 and a doctor or nurse symbol (Nadia, Michelle, Ruby, Nikki or Sam) on reel 5, activate the Sneak a Peek bonus game and a scratch card opens on the second screen.

The scratch card is made up of fifteen squares. The symbols are hidden behind each square.

Choose twelve squares to reveal the symbols. Three matching symbols win a 15x multiplier value for you.

It means you can win up to a 60x multiplier value if you reveal all four groups of matching symbols. Your bet amount is multiplied by the multiplier value won. Note that 3 'BOOBY' squares reduce your chances!